Review: Light and Camera Utility repackages commonly available tools

Take photos or use your camera's flash as a light from this needlessly messy app.

Light and Camera Utility is designed to provide a single camera and flashlight interface, but it does little more than apps already on your phone and it makes the process more complicated than it needs to be. From a convoluted collection of buttons for taking photos to a frequently-on camera light that will drain your battery, this is an app that serves few purposes.

The one thing that Light and Camera Utility does that your iPhone doesn't is use the flash on the camera as a light. This, however, is something many other apps also do and with fewer buttons and confusing controls. From there, the rest of the app is redundant and largely convoluted. The camera, for example, is controlled by numerous small buttons that are not labeled and seemingly do little more than flip the camera or screen or change flash exposure--not particularly vital tools for most photo takers. The QR code photo screen is also unnecessary since most apps that open those codes are designed to stand alone.

None of the functions in Light and Camera Utility are pointless, but they are often oddly made, and the resulting app is complicated to use, squished by two ad banners at the top, and ineffective as a camera. The flashlight works well and the app is free, so if you need a flashlight, this is as good as any; but for other functions, we recommend existing apps on your phone or other more powerful camera utilities.

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