Review: iTransfer speeds up file transfers between iOS devices

Tap and send files to users with the same app.

iTransfer aims to resolve the issue of moving files between iPhones--and the general complexity that this often involves. The app is designed to do so in as easy a way as possible, offering almost no options, only two screens, and a limited range. This is a good thing for those that want only to transfer files with someone in range of them, but can be severely limiting for other, more robust transfers.

When you open iTransfer, the app will ask you to connect with another user who is also using iTransfer. This can be done over a Wi-Fi network when they are in range, and they'll need the same app installed on their device. From there, it will show you who is in range, and you can then select files from a list on your device to send. The second screen shows the files you have received and allows you to then move them wherever you want to move them. This all works quite well and transfers are relatively fast with no bugginess or slow down in our tests. The interface is lacking any sort of direction, however, which can be frustrating for someone who wants to move a specific file they cannot find.

If you know your way around the iPhone and want to transfer files quickly, then iTransfer will be a useful tool for you. However, if you are unsure of how to move files or find them on your device, then you may want a similar app but with more tutorial features to show you how to make the transfers.

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