Review: Closet - Clothing Organized helps track your clothing

Catalog, organize, and track your clothing with this easy-to-use app.

Closet - Clothing Organized is likely to be a godsend for iPhone users with large, cluttered, or disorganized closets. Streamlining the organization process, creating a working inventory of your wardrobe, and allowing you to mix and match the lists you keep into various outfits, Closet - Clothing Organized is a powerful, easy-to-use database creation tool that fashionistas everywhere will love.

When you first open Closet - Clothing Organized, you are prompted to add categories for what you currently own. The app includes dozens of categories from accessories to different types of shoes and blouses. From there, you can create subcategories of your choosing, and then start adding items. For each item you add, the camera will open and prompt you to take photos. While one will suffice, you can add as many as you want for a complete overview of that item. You can then label the item, add a note and tag it to help create a more organized list. All of this is very intuitive and there are directions at every step. Once your database starts coming together, you can search by category, subcategory, tag, or list, allowing you to show off your wardrobe to friends, find the perfect shirt for Friday night, or simply see what you do or do not have while shopping.

Closet - Clothing Organized is a well-designed app that works very well. If you are tired of having no idea what you own in that closet or simply want to be better organized, in general, download this app.

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