Review: Rocket Music Player sounds and looks better than most music players

Listen to all of your favorite songs in great audio quality using Rocket Music Player.

Rocket Music Player combines cool features with an attractive layout and fantastic audio quality. It's a near-perfect blend of style and substance. Since it gives you most of its great features for free, there's no question that you should try it.

This app is one of the rare apps that sounds better without headphones than it does with them. It sounds great even on mediocre speakers. It has some advanced audio-tweaking settings like limiters, fading, and gapless playback. There's an equalizer, but you need to pay $4 to unlock all of its features. You can only tweak a few elements of your songs with the free version. Luckily, the free version is completely ad-free, so you can focus on this app's great, minimalist layout. When you're listening to music, it shows all the usual album art and other goodies you'd expect. You can even see them from the app's two widgets--a 4X1 and a 4X2--that both let you tap into Rocket Music Player's rating system. You can create and modify playlists as you listen. You can change the app's layout with downloadable themes, too. You don't need to download anything to play tracks with the app, as it supports most of the common music formats.

This app runs circles around the default media player on Android and around most third-party downloads, too. Rocket Music Player is simply one of the best ways to listen to your songs on your smartphone or tablet. If you haven't bought into a streaming service for your gadget, give it a shot.

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