Review: RealParking3D Parking Games provides a neat parking simulator

Practice your parking skills and try to beat the top score in RealParking3D Parking Games.

RealParking3D Parking Games looks great and handles well, but it only has one car. That will be a death sentence for many fans of car games. However, if you don't mind using the black coupe it gives you, it really performs admirably.

You have to log in to start playing this game. It doesn't require a password, just that you make up a name to appear on the app's leaderboard. There are hundreds of levels to choose from, but expertly completing the levels doesn't unlock any special perks. There's no in-game currency to buy new cars or soup up the car RealParking3D Parking Games saddles you with, either. You can try to get bragging rights on the leaderboard, but there are some serious scores to beat there. The game's graphics look really smooth for a smartphone game. The car is rendered with plenty of details and the graphics look like they'd fit right in on a Nintendo DS. Steering the car uses nice, real-world physics that respond very quickly to shifts, touches, and taps.

Just about every part of the game looks and feels professional except the lack of cars. If you don't mind not being able to customize your car, download RealParking3D Parking Games. It's one of the most realistic looking and feeling parking simulators you can find on Android.

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