Review: As a fun word game, Pic Mix - Combo the Pics keeps your mind engaged

Match two pictures to make a phrase while playing Pic Mix - Combo the Pics on your gadget.

Pic Mix - Combo the Pics offers a decent way to kill ten minutes, but slow performance and lack of difficulty are noticeable. The game gives more than enough levels, but it just doesn't seem to be fun or exciting enough to see all the way through.

The app offers two styles of game, both of which give you two pictures that come together for a key phrase. Both categories have about 100 different levels for you to run through. During testing, it took about five to ten seconds at most to figure out the puzzle, and the puzzles didn't seem to get more difficult as you advanced. There were some popover ads after you completed a certain number of levels. Most of these were for games that looked like more fun than Pic Mix - Combo the Pics. Picking letters or advancing screens in the game is a little time-consuming. You'll probably have to tap your choice multiple times before the game actually accepts it. This isn't just frustrating; it can often lower your final score.

Since there are too many word games on Android that offer more creativity, it seems a bit hard to recommend this game. However, if you are a fan of puzzles and don't mind exploring an uninspired display of a too-common style of word game, download Pic Mix - Combo the Pics. It might fill time when you're bored or are on your lunch break.

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