Review: Optimize your phone's performance using Norton Mobile Utilities

Control multiple parts of your phone to boost its performance using Norton Mobile Utilities.

Norton Mobile Utilities combines the feature of a battery manager, RAM booster, and other utilities into one cool package. However, to get extended battery life and additional features you need to upgrade to the full version, but luckily the free app includes enough features to match other all-in-one utility apps.

When you use this app for the first time, it will try to automatically forward your usage stats to Norton. Make sure you deselect that option if you don't want this to happen. The app gives you plenty of stats about how your phone is using its battery, memory, and storage. You can make adjustments to the last two, but the app's battery management features require a $9.99 payment. The full app lets you schedule cache cleaning and other tasks, too. One of the best features hidden in Norton Mobile Utilities is the ability to uninstall multiple apps in batches. It works really well, but you will have to babysit the process to make it work. It still saves you plenty of button taps over the traditional Android uninstall, though. You can perform most of the edits from the app's widget, too. The app's menu is really stylish, which adds to its appeal.

Norton Mobile Utilities combines plenty of cool features into one app and does it with plenty of style. It is much better than finding individual apps that do all of these tasks. However, the additional cost makes it less exciting to use than an app like Advanced Mobile Care or another all-in-one app. If you love the idea of scheduling things, it might be worth the cost to you.

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