Review: Launcher 8 captures Windows' Live Tiles perfectly

Turn your home screen into a Windows phone home screen using Launcher 8.

Launcher 8 includes all the fun colors and animations of Windows 8's home screen and gives you plenty of ways to customize it to boot. The only thing it's missing is Live Tile's ability to display real-time information from your social feeds. That's a decent trade-off for everything else it gives you.

When you first load this launcher, it gives you a bunch of preset icons and tiles. Some of these--like maps, messaging, and browser--are already attached to their appropriate app. Most aren't, which means you do have to spend some time setting things up. That gives you an excuse to explore Launcher 8's customization menu, which offers an almost absurd amount of options. You can choose from dozens of logo, color, and size options to create a screen that is uniquely you. The app doesn't include some of the more advanced elements of Window's home screen, but that would make the app a pretty big drain on battery, which it's not by default. That's a really pleasant surprise.

If you want to turn your Android into Windows Phone 8, this application offers a good way to do it. It gives you the Live Tile feel with so many different ways to personalize it. Launcher 8 is probably the best Windows-themed launcher you can find without completely changing the way your gadget works.

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