Review: KALQ Keyboard offers an interesting, new layout to get used to

Type in a whole new way on your mobile gadget using innovative KALQ Keyboard.

KALQ Keyboard is different from any other keyboard you've ever used, but it's hard to say if that's a good thing. Experts claim it can speed up your texting over the QWERTY keyboard. However, most users might be too put off by how radical of a shift it is to give it a shot.

Even though the keyboard seems to be made for tablets, it works just fine on larger smartphones. It's been designed to mimic the way people hold their mobile gadgets--like a video game controller with both thumbs being the dominant input method. That means there are two space bars so you can get to the most-used key from either hand. The letter placement in KALQ Keyboard will take you a while to get used to, though. The inventors estimate that it takes eight hours to reach proficiency with the keyboard. There are no Swype, autocorrect, or gesture typing add-ons that you can use with the keyboard to speed things up. It's tough to imagine that users will be willing to spend that kind of time relearning a keyboard.

If you're feeling adventurous and want a switch, KALQ Keyboard might be just what you're looking for. Most users will be better off sticking to Swype or Swiftkey to speed up their mobile typing, though.

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