Review: HelloSPY easily tracks and records your target phone's activity

Covertly watch a target mobile device's every move, read SMS, track Web activity, and more, using HelloSPY.

HelloSPY creates a comprehensive and covert method for tracking and recording a mobile device's activity while remaining completely undetectable. It can track the phone's location, read text messages, track Internet activity, record application usage, and much more. To access the information, users need to log in to a Web site on their home computer, as it is not accessible directly from the device. This application doesn't provide a free service but it does come with a free, two-day trial.

Once the application has been downloaded, the user needs to log in to the HelloSPY's Web site and register their device. Even though the Web site, itself, is the main method of interaction with the application, unfortunately, it takes some time getting use to. It is not very helpful when you are setting up your initial registration and adjusting your settings. However, once the initial setup is complete, the interface is very easy to use. All of the target phone's activity is clearly accessible and its location may be viewed on a map. Even the pictures that the device has captured may be viewed from the app's Web site.

HelloSPY does a really good job at spying. It tracks every thinkable function of a smartphone and it is totally undetectable. The only downside is the price you have to pay for the service. Currently HelloSPY charges $99 per year for its service, but it is well worth it to users who really need it. There are also more cost-effective plans for shorter periods of usage, so this application is recommended to those who demand only the best in smartphone monitoring.

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