Review: Chat with friends on your Android gadget with basic Facebook Messenger

Communicate on your Android device with an effective and easy-to-use Facebook Messenger.

Clean, easy to use, and perfectly functional, Facebook Messenger is a slick application that effectively creates a centralized Facebook communications console. It's recommended that you have the official Facebook, as well, but it could be used as a standalone app. The two even share the same look and feel.

If you already have the Facebook application installed, the setup of Facebook Messenger goes completely automatic. If you've never used Facebook on your device, then you just need to enter your e-mail address and password. Your contacts will pop up instantly in a list, and a small profile picture will appear next to each name. You can simply click on a name to start messaging. You can also create a group chat to converse with multiple friends at once. This app allows users to organize their contacts by creating groups or a favorites list. This is particularly useful to users who may have several hundred contacts on Facebook. This application is fully compatible with the main Facebook application, so if you click on the profile of one of your contacts it will automatically open the main application to access it. If you do not have the Facebook application, it will actually recommend that you download it.

Facebook Messenger functions perfectly and is a joy to use. Facebook power users will appreciate its ease of use.

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