Review: Easy Voice Recorder offers good audio quality and great features

Record your voice and share and manage your recordings with ease, using Easy Voice Recorder.

Easy Voice Recorder isn't easy, as its name implies, but it does give plenty of options and decent audio quality. You'll be impressed at how much it offers in recording widgets alone. Once you get deeper into the features, it will keep wowing you. If you don't mind spending $4, it turns into a standout recording app.

This app's layout leaves a lot of other recording apps in the dust. It offers a lot of modern style in the buttons and menus, definitely more than your average recording app. It includes a bunch of different widget controls that look fantastic in comparison to the core app, too. That's nice, but if you want to control the app from your status bar and add notification controls, you need to pay $4. Recording quality is decent, but it depends very heavily on the quality of your phone. There aren't many audio settings that let you massage better quality out of a mediocre recording. Easy Voice Recorder makes up for it with abundant format support, though. There are almost a half-dozen different audio formats inside of the app. That's one of the only advanced features you don't have to pay for. Luckily, this app gives OK performance and is worth downloading for its cool widgets, alone.

Easy Voice Recorder will get a passing grade from anyone who needs a decent enough recording to get by. However, if you're a pro, you might want to spring for the paid version.

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