Review: Discover the power of mobile Internet with ClockworkMod Tether

Use your Android device as a mobile hotspot while traveling in remote areas or when limited on your Internet connection.

ClockworkMod Tether effectively allows users to access the data connection on their Android device through a USB connection and use it for a mobile Internet connection. While many similar applications exist, this one is superior because of its stability and effectiveness. Unfortunately, the free version places a 20MB limit on data transfers after the 14-day free trial. Unlimited access is granted following the upgrade to the Premium version.

Installation of this application goes easy, but some users may experience difficulties if their computer currently doesn't have an Internet connection. The user first needs to download the Android application to their mobile device, and then connect it to the PC. If the PC is connected to the Internet, then the user just needs to download a separate application from the Internet and follow the installation guide. If there is no Internet connection on the PC, then the user needs to follow instructions included on the Android application and transfer the required file onto the PC from the device. Once both devices are set up properly, the PC will use the USB connection as a source for the Internet. Connection speeds are similar to that of a fast dial-up connection. Users should keep in mind, though, that this is data usage, and that it will be reflected on their phone bill. The clean and elementary user interface operates almost entirely automatically and features a constant speed indicator to monitor the stability of the connection.

For those who are severely limited on their Internet connection ClockworkMod Tether would be a great choice. It is especially useful while traveling in remote locations where Wi-Fi is not available but a cellular data connection is. The free version of this app gives users a taste of what the application can really offer, but for best results the user needs to download the Premium version.

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