Review: Share files wirelessly between two devices using Bluetooth File Transfer

Easily exchange information between two Android devices through this quick and easy-to-use application.

Bluetooth File Transfer offers an efficient way to exchange files from one Android device to another and browse the contents of virtually any Bluetooth enabled device. Users may easily select a file from their device and send it to a device of their choosing, or find the specific file on another device and download it. The ease of use and great user interface make this a phenomenal application.

Bluetooth File Transfer is a mere 2.9MB, making it an incredibly light and quick application that downloads within seconds. On startup users are greeted by a friendly user interface featuring a modern dark background with sharp white text that is easy to read. Intuitive functions are easy to figure out and no instructions are needed. The screen resembles a basic file folder setup. On the first tab the user can browse their own file structure and select files that they wish to share. On the second tab the user can manage their Bluetooth connections and browse the file structure of selected devices. This app also adds another level of security to your Bluetooth connections by requiring authentication on all incoming connections. Favorite and trusted connections can be saved for faster file transfers in the future.

Bluetooth File Transfer offers a tried-and-true method for exchanging files quickly and securely. The program makes this technology even better by providing the user with an interface that is convenient, stable, intuitive, and fast. It is a great pick for anyone who exchanges files between smart devices on a regular basis.

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