Review: aWallet Password Manager safe-keeps all of your important information

Protect important passwords and data on your mobile device with aWallet Password Manager.

aWallet Password Manager effectively creates an impenetrable storage area that houses all of your most sensitive passwords and banking information. This application protects your information in two ways. Web site passwords, credit card numbers, and bank account numbers are stored in an encrypted hidden file that can only be accessed through the application, itself. The second way that the files are protected is the immediate deletion of the file following multiple unsuccessful attempts to log in to the application.

The program combines an easy-to-use interface with the latest in encryption technology. The installation takes a few minutes and is very easy. The user interface looks basic but modern, and is easy to use. The main menu consists of options such as categories, locking, and favorites. In the categories section the user can find a well-organized list of information types. These categories make finding a password easy and quick. As information is viewed from within the categories, another button must be activated to actually view the password. This prevents prying eyes from looking over your shoulder. aWallet Password Manager's incredible amount of security is astounding. There are multiple levels of high-quality encryption such as AES and Blowfish algorithms. Users are also able to back up the encrypted file to an SD card or USB thumb drive for yet another level of security.

aWallet Password Manager makes it easy to keep your important data nearby and safe. This application is recommended to all Android users who are looking for an effective option for additional security on their device.

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