Review: Tune up your device's performance with AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

Tweak your device's memory and boost its overall performance using AutoKiller Memory Optimizer.

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer allows the user to tune up their device by limiting the applications running in the background. It does this by giving the user options on what works best in their particular circumstance. This program is more than a usual task killer, though. It's intended to work automatically once the options have been set.

Within minutes of downloading AutoKiller Memory Optimizer, your device will start performing faster. Setup is very easy and any user should be able to tune their device to perfection. While there are preset options available for the average user, advanced settings allow experienced users to take full advantage of the application's abilities. One of the most useful aspects of this memory optimizer is the tool icon that will appear on the device's desktop. These tools allow the user to execute quick functions with a single click. Some of these functions include an active application viewer, a quick clean function, and a one-click quick restart. The user interface offers an elegant design. It incorporates a high contrast dark background with bright white lettering, making it modern and easy to read. The functions are intuitive and require no instructions.

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer seems to be a great pick for Android users looking to speed up their device. While with most similar applications the user is required to constantly clean the memory, with this memory optimizer there's no such need. Once the application has been set up, the user can just forget about it. It functions perfectly and always in the background.

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