Review: Andromedia Video Editor packs a good idea in an intuitive UI

Create and edit videos on your mobile device using Andromedia Video Editor.

An easy-to-use video utility, Andromedia Video Editor enables users to create projects from the palm of their hand. While the idea behind this application is good, the execution needs some work. Plagued with pushed advertisements and instability, this video editor leaves a lot to be desired.

At less than 6MB, one might wonder how Andromedia Video Editor actually functions. While the application claims to fully support the MP4 format and a maximum resolution of 720p, we encountered some problems during testing. We tested the app on a Galaxy S3 with the Android 4.2 operating system. Even though this is a fairly new device, well equipped to support this video editor, the application crashed twice before the project was started. Additionally, a couple of advertisements also appeared in the notification bar during this short testing period. The overall layout and functions are quite intuitive and users will have no problem learning to use this software. In a few moments video clips may be selected from the device's gallery and a soundtrack added. The real frustration begins when the project must be rendered. Rendering a project takes a ridiculous amount of time, and that is assuming the application doesn't crash several times during the operation.

The idea seems great, but Andromedia Video Editor's execution needs more work. The application has serious stability problems and some overly pushy advertising.

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