Review: Screenshot Helper makes hiding the mess on your desktop a snap

Cover up icons and windows and capture only what you want to share with Screenshot Helper for Mac.

Screenshot Helper for Mac solves the common problem of eliminating desktop clutter from screenshots. It is an elegant and uncomplicated tool that performs without any glitches.

Upon startup, a dialog window appeared, suggesting a change we could make to our System Preferences in order to make "more compatible" screenshots. We ignored this suggestion and had no problems, though this may be helpful for users who may share their screenshots with others and run into problems. Upon dismissing the warning, everything on our screen, except the dock and menu bar, disappeared and was replaced with solid white. The white could be easily changed in preferences to other colors or to a desktop background, which we did. At this point our screen looked like a clean desktop with no windows open and no icons on the desktop. We selected another app from our dock, which was pushed to the foreground, with the clean desktop behind it. From there it was just a matter of taking a screenshot. Screenshot Helper for Mac also includes other options such as removing the menu bar and dock, removing desktop icons but leaving backgrounds visible, and removing the mouse pointer.

Screenshot Helper for Mac gives its users easy tools to stage uncluttered and attractive screenshots. It is straightforward and easy to use and customize. For users who take and share screenshots often, this ingenious little app is a must have.

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