Review: Dead Ahead breathes new life into the decrepit Endless-Running genre

Dead Ahead hopes to revive interest in the Endless-Running genre--with zombies.

The Endless-Running genre of mobile gaming has been getting stale. Dead Ahead hopes to revive some of the fun by bringing the dying genre back to life with zombies.

In Dead Ahead, you take control of your little scooter and navigate the mess that is the post-apocalyptic highway, all the while being chased down by the undead hordes. Dodge cars, buses, and barricades; mow down stray zombies, and collect bonuses such as speed and weapon boosts, in glorious 8-bit graphic and funky arcade BGM. Your scooter can only speed up or go up and down. The game lets you choose between two control options, via onscreen buttons or a scroller. Tap to shoot chasing zombies or choose to outrun them. The faster you go the harder it is to steer, and the only way to slow down is to hit non-lethal obstacles (cones, posts, and stray zombies). Race as far as you can and complete missions and objectives to gain money. Use said cash to purchase upgrades, new bikes, and new weapons. The daily objective and the ability to customize your bikes' paint jobs keep the game interesting.

The graphics are a bit nostalgic with their playful style, and the music is appropriate but can get repetitive. Fortunately there's an option to turn the music off should you choose to listen to your own soundtrack. The game is free to play, and there are a few upgrades that require forking out actual cash (but aren't necessary to the game's enjoyment), such as a super bike and a wing-woman that assists you in mowing down the chasers. Dead Ahead is one of our favorite games this year and a must have for any zombie fans.

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