Review: Scramble and rearrange our own photos with Picture Puzzle

Use your own photos to play a puzzle game using Picture Puzzle for Mac.

Lacking any advanced graphics and with limited playing options, Picture Puzzle for Mac's ability to use JPG images makes it a playable game for a limited time. While users can take their own images and scramble them, the click-and-drag style of navigating the puzzle is limiting, as is the counter scoring system.

Picture Puzzle for Mac's main menu lacks any of the advanced graphics seen in other, similar games. This includes motion menus and animations, which are completely absent. The user can select a photo from their computer for use. The photo loads into the main window, and the user can click a plain text button to scramble it. The scramble is based on square grid spaces, which can be moved by clicking and dragging each space to move it around the area. A right side space is reserved for moving pieces off of the board, temporarily. Additional options allow for rotating the photo, for additional difficulty. A counter at the bottom right changes seemingly at random and its purpose is unclear. Furthermore, the pieces do not lock into a set place, making it difficult to place them in the exact position.

Picture Puzzle for Mac adds the ability to use JPG images for scrambling, but could perhaps benefit from more play options that would make it fun for an extended time. The game performs well, though, and could be fun for kids or users who like to solve puzzles in their free time or while on vacation.

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