Review: Free Mac Keylogger aims to record keystrokes

Log keystrokes and track applications for all users on your computer, using Free Mac Keylogger for Mac.

Free Mac Keylogger for Mac claims to log every keystroke for all users on your Mac and track which applications are in use. This is a claim that considerably stretches the reality of the situation.

We downloaded and ran the package installer quickly. Free Mac Keylogger for Mac gave no feedback on what it was doing or how to start it up; we assumed it would be a background service invisible to users. Instead, we found the app in our Applications folder. We launched the software and then switched to our word processor to begin typing this review. The app recorded the very first thing we typed and then nothing afterward. Since there is no help available in the app, we opened our Web browser and poked around for help online with no success. We did find that the free version does not allow for hiding the application from users, kind of like spying on someone by standing in the center of their living room in a blaze orange hunting vest. Neither the free nor paid version records passwords. Twenty minutes after our first test, the app finally displayed our word processing. The letters were jumbled, and did not accurately reflect what we typed. Application activity is displayed with cryptic values that mean little without the aid of a Help file.

Free Mac Keylogger for Mac, with its poor logging abilities, which happen right out in the open, serves no apparent purpose. This app seems like a good idea that has been poorly executed.

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