Review: DVD Hunter catalogs and organizes your DVDs the easy way

Organize and keep track of your DVD collection with DVD Hunter for Mac.

DVD Hunter for Mac offers basic functionality for creating a database of your DVD collection. Even though this application mostly works, adding titles can be a bear and some features are implemented rather poorly.

On first launch, DVD Hunter for Mac asks the user to import their Contacts, which may seem a bit odd at first since this is a DVD cataloging app, but after getting to know all the options offered later on, this made sense. After the application completes importing contacts, the user is given the option of reading a Getting Started guide. The app's interface seems basic but also very intuitive. For all but the most novice of Mac users it will be easy enough to get started without reading the guide. During testing, we added a few movies from our collection, typing in the first couple of words of a title and pressing the "Auto complete" button. DVD Hunter quickly returned with over a dozen results, accounting for various editions of DVD releases of the same movie. It wasn't always easy to discern which edition was ours, and some of the information returned was incorrect. When we saved the title to our catalog, we noticed the title was listed as our partial search term, not the full title. The application also includes a mechanism for tracking who you've lent your DVDs to, which is the reason behind the Contacts import. If the user imported their contacts, they can only select them from a drop-down menu, though. There's no way to just type a person's name in.

DVD Hunter for Mac seems to be designed with the serious collector in mind, though collectors may find this software limited in some options.

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