Review: Track the time with surrealistic Dali Clock

View the current time with style using Dali Clock for Mac.

For those looking for an interesting way to tell the current time on a computer, Dali Clock for Mac is an easy-to-use and functional application. Originally a program from the 1980s, it has been updated to work on a number of systems, including smartphones, and is freely available.

After downloading, the program comes with two additional applications, one that acts as a screensaver and the other for an iPhone or iPad. Dali Clock for Mac also includes a README file that explains the functions, but reading it won't be necessary since the interface is basic and well designed. The program is a basic clock, but with additional visuals, including different colors and numbers that appear to melt as they change. The window, itself, is easy to see against many different backgrounds. Among the options available are changes to the position of the clock, as well as changing it to a countdown timer. In terms of appearance, users can also change the color scheme and the clock's date and time format. The clock also automatically synced to the computer's time.

As an interesting and unusual option for telling time, Dali Clock for Mac works well and is adaptable enough to fit most users' needs.

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