Review: Improve your memory and concentration, playing Brain Tease

Learn about association and memory and improve your focus using Brain Tease for Mac.

Brain Tease for Mac consists of two games designed to improve your memory and concentration skills. The application features basic but appealing gameplay packed in an easy-to-interpret interface.

Brain Tease for Mac's main menu has two halves, each with a different memory game. The controls and objects of each are difficult to figure out from the interface. Both sides have a nine-item grid. The left side game has the word for a different color in each grid. Clicking a basic button arranges the words and highlights the letters in the corresponding color. The user is to read each of the words as quickly as possible. Clicking an additional button scrambles the words and colors. The challenge is to read them out loud as quickly as possible, with the added trouble of the brain's conditioning to the proper colors. This does prove to be a challenge, and the game times the user to allow for comparisons with later attempts. The second game is a basic matching program where the user is shown a grid with a different number in each. After clicking a start button, the numbers disappear and the user must correctly place them from memory.

Despite its clean operation, Brain Tease for Mac will likely prove too easy for some users, and will not result in long playing times. However, it may prove useful for users looking for an easy, playful, and less time-draining way to improve their memory and focus.

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