Review: Track and sort your library with Book Hunter

Find the information you need regarding your favorite books and organize your book collection using Book Hunter for Mac.

Book Hunter for Mac's excellent interface and helpful tutorial make it a good application for sorting and organizing a book collection. As users read more and more on their computers, smartphones, tablets, and with physical books at home, this type of application is becoming more useful.

After downloading and starting up, the free application brings the user into a tutorial, which links to the developer's Web page for more information. This help is not really needed since Book Hunter for Mac is easy to use. The main interface includes noticeable buttons for entering book information and creating separate lists for different types of materials. Clicking on the new book section brings up an additional window where its description and information can be entered. Users can also drag cover images into a window for inclusion, as well as mark the item read, unread, or in the process of being read. An auto-complete button also allows for retrieval of additional information from the Internet. This function works well and returns a number of metadata options for the materials entered, even with limited information. Users also can add borrowed books and ones that they want to purchase in the future.

Book Hunter for Mac works well and should be helpful for almost any level of Mac user.

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