Review: Vonage Mobile comes with a cool layout and decent call quality

Enjoy free calls, texts, and video chats with your friends using Vonage Mobile.

Vonage Mobile is a nifty way to get free calls and texts, but only if you don't mind that it's frequently offline. It has a gorgeous layout and other good perks, though. Add in some decent call quality and a video-calling feature over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, and you've got the makings of a good app.

Like most similar apps, calls, texts, and video chats are only free if your friend uses the service. During testing, only two contacts were already on the app. That's not a ringing endorsement. However, inviting people to Vonage Mobile is really easy and you get credit for third-party calls by doing it. You can find that and all of the app's other features right from its stylish menu. It brings up an alternate dialer and text inbox that look better than what Android offers by default. You can even browse your regular contacts. Unfortunately, the app was offline frequently during testing. The 50 percent of the time that it lets you make a call, the video quality was really solid. Audio was touch-and-go, which is unexpected from a company that's been doing voice calls for so long.

If all of your friends are already using Vonage Mobile, then this app is worth downloading. However, if you already use Skype or Viber, this one might not be cool enough to win you over.

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