Review: Snapchat offers a fun, free way to temporarily share pictures

Send disappearing photos to surprise your friends using this unique app.

Snapchat lets you share interesting moments with others using a disappearing photo feature that no other app can match. If the temptation to send disappearing messages to your friends strikes you, then this is the app you need.

The app starts by combing your contacts for people who already use it. In the rare chance you can't find someone to message, you can invite a friend from the same menu. The app walks you through the whole process of sending images to your friends. It lets you set a 10-second timer on a photo and then send it off to anyone already on your friends list. You'll know when they see it and if they tried to take a screenshot. You can't add pictures already on your phone to Snapchat, but you can save pictures you take. You also can't edit the photo before you send it, except to write a quick message or add a text banner. The app doesn't let you send text by itself, though. You can't preview a photo before you open it, either. Sending a photo is just as quick as sending or receiving a standard text message, if not faster. The app's layout, especially its cute ghost logo, is really a treat for the eyes.

Snapchat is a one-of-a-kind app. Luckily, it doesn't just rest on its innovative idea. It still offers great performance and a neat layout. More photo-editing features would be really nice though, but even without those, this app is addictive.

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