Review: Edit MP3s with the greatest of ease with My MP3 Splitter

Edit MP3 files quickly and easily with this free splitter.

ZXT2007's My MP3 Splitter is the tool to reach for when you just want to shorten a song file, extract a clip, or split a single recording of an LP side into separate tracks. It's not some complex contraption that can saw up a whole lumberyard's worth of rough cuts, nor does it resemble a pro mixing panel: it's a very basic, very user-friendly MP3 splitter.

My MP3 Splitter has a few large controls in a basic but attractive layout. The main window has two tabs: Standard, for file size, channels, sample rate, and so on; and an ID3T V1 tab for entering and editing metadata. My MP3 Splitter uses the tried-and-true method for marking Start and End points on a file's timeline. All you have to do is play the file, listen to it, mark the start of your clip, keep playing, and then mark the end. Then you save the extracted clip as a new file--or you can cut a segment, discard it, and save the rest as an edited clip. We loaded an MP3 we'd converted from a raw WAV file of an LP track with extensive lead-in groove noise. We loaded a clip and pressed "Play." My MP3 Splitter offered to start playback from the Start Tag, the End Tag, or the current position. We chose the default setting, Start Tag, and our clip started playing. My MP3 Splitter's Start Tag is green, and its End Tag is red, a minor point, but it makes for easy ID'ing on small clips. Setting a Start or End Tag displayed its position on the timeline in twin fields, while the Standard tab displayed its ID3 info. (when available). Clicking the ID3T tag let us edit the whole clip's metadata, including comments, as well as our saved clip's data.

If you want to save or convert MP3s or other file types into FLAAC, LAME, OGG, or other related file types, or use V2 tags, you might need something more than My MP3 Splitter. But for most users, it makes the cut.

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