Review: Change your default Magic Trackpad operations with Scroll Reverser

Shift the movements of your trackpad using Scroll Reverser for Mac.

Scroll Reverser for Mac does just what its title says; it changes the movements for changing Web page views, and does so in an easy-to-use application. This program will be welcomed by those who feel they are missing the natural scrolling they enjoy on iOS devices.

Scroll Reverser for Mac easily installs with a drag and drop into the Applications folder and applies changes to the trackpad instantly. Typically, the pad scrolls down when users move two fingers up the pad. For many, this is the opposite of the most intuitive movement, which would be to swipe down to move lower on a page. The program applies these changes without any problems. However, the program only reverses scrolling and doesn't allow any changes to three-finger and four-finger swipes. A small window alerts the user to the changes, and directs them to a small icon located on the Mac's top menu bar. Clicking on this drops a menu where the functions can be reverted back to normal. A preferences menu also allows for changes to be made to left and right movements, as well as when the program starts. The application doesn't automatically check for updates but this is another option the user can turn on via the preferences menu.

Users who find Apple's default trackpad movements frustrating will love Scroll Reverser for Mac as it allows this and some other options to be changed easily, making it a potentially useful addition to a system.

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