Review: Follow your favorite feeds with RSS Bot

Track news articles from your favorite Web sites using RSS Bot for Mac.

RSS Bot for Mac lets you easily track and filter news from multiple Web sites right from your menu bar. Its easy-to-use interface and functionality make it a good option for those looking for a reliable newsfeed reader.

The free application downloads easily from the App Store, installing directly into the Applications folder. Its main menu is basic, but intuitive. Clearly-labeled buttons allow the user to select between the feed menu and one for options. The main feed menu includes plus and minus buttons where users can add and subtract RSS feeds. Adding feeds is easy and only requires pasting a link into the program. These can also be added in a drop-down menu along the top of the screen. The options menu allows synching with outside applications and changing alerts for new stories. In terms of the stories, themselves, RSS Bot for Mac does a good job of listing them in a way that users can see, easily. Updates can also be run manually, or on a schedule.

Since Google Reader will no longer be supported, there is a great need for new newsfeed applications. RSS Bot for Mac works well and would be a good solution for those looking for a functional and easy-to-use application for following newsfeeds.

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