Review: Magnify specific screen areas with Point N See

Zoom in to any area of your screen using Point N See for Mac.

Useful for users with vision problems or who just want to see screen items more easily, Point N See for Mac offers a neat little tool for selecting and magnifying a portion of the screen. The application works well to zoom in to the cursor area, but may be too obtrusive for everyday use.

The freely available program installs easily. Point N See for Mac lacks any menu, but instead brings up a small window that displays the screen area where the cursor is located. This enlarges it several times, making it much easier to see. Users can click and drag the window to move it to their desired location, as well as to make it larger or smaller. Much like a sound playback system, holding the cursor over the program window, itself, creates a small, but distracting feedback loop. In terms of options, a very small menu allows changes to the zoom level, and controls whether the window, itself, is shown or hidden. An additional option in the form of a check box allows crosshairs to be displayed in the zoomed area, making it easier to focus on specific items. It would have been nice for there to be a key stroke to activate and deactivate the program.

For those looking for a way to see areas of their screen better, Point N See for Mac performs well and could be a useful addition to your system.

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