Review: Play the classic solitaire game with Klondike Forever

Experience the classic game with updated graphics using Klondike Forever for Mac.

With its improved graphics and retained gameplay, Klondike Forever for Mac offers a challenging and graphically appealing adaptation of the all-time favorite solitaire game. This game will definitely be an upgrade over other, similar solitaire games.

Klondike Forever for Mac's main menu was well designed, although its lack of text labels made it a little difficult to figure out. After some trial and error, the functions are easy to use and navigate. Several of the buttons link to outside applications, mostly additional puzzle and solitaire games, available for download. The game, itself, operates as expected from a solitaire game, where clicking and dragging moves the cards around. When aces appear, the game automatically shifts them, and any low cards in order, to the top. This saves a number of unnecessary moves and makes the gameplay move quickly. Players can reset easily with a button on the top right whenever they want. Additional gameplay options, such as the number of re-deals allowed, can also be changed. The window can also be changed to take up the entire screen, or just a portion.

For solitaire players, the basic games available have advanced little in the last 10 to 15 years. Klondike Forever for Mac aims to change this. This download would definitely be a good addition for those looking for an improved solitaire game.

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