Review: Zoom in and view profile pictures with HoverZoom Safari Extension

Enlarge photos on popular social networks, easily, using HoverZoom Safari Extension for Mac.

HoverZoom Safari Extension for Mac lets you easily zoom in on photos and profile pictures on your favorite social networks by simply hovering over them. If you are tired of constantly clicking on thumbnails and find the process for enlarging photos on social networks cumbersome, then you'll appreciate this extension.

The application operates as a Safari extension and installs well into the browser. After reloading any open Web pages, HoverZoom Safari Extension for Mac starts to work in the background on its own. The overall preferences menu contains several options. These include changing how the extension zooms in, whether by simply hovering, or by also clicking certain keystrokes. Users can also control the lag time before the zoom occurs. Activating hot keys zooms in even further to images. Users can also blacklist certain sites from the program, or restrict the add-on's use only to secure sites. When testing on social networks, the extension does work well and takes steps out of enlarging images. This would provide help for users who scan through a large number of Facebook posts or photos on Flickr.

HoverZoom Safari Extension for Mac integrates well into the browser and functions adequately. This add-on will particularly be useful for users who frequently go through many photos on social networks.

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