Review: Manage railroad switches to keep the trains from colliding in Ghost Train

Activate the railroad switches to avoid train collisions in Ghost Train for Mac.

Ghost Train for Mac lets you manage railroad switches to keep the trains that appear from colliding. The game is free for one level, but if you want to play more levels you need to purchase them.

Launching Ghost Train for Mac for the first time, we were presented with something like a menu that featured what we thought might be buttons to click on. There were no words on the screen, just a mess of unrecognizable square shapes. After restarting the game, a functioning menu appeared. We read the tutorial, and began to play the first, and only free, level. The mechanics of the game are quite basic--watch trains move at various speeds around an uncomplicated maze of tracks, and activate the railroad switches to avoid collisions. The game offers two modes. In one there will be new trains added every 30 seconds and in the other one you are able to add trains when you choose. The game starts rather slow as the first train entered the screen at a snail's pace and a clock at the top counted down the 30 seconds till the next train appeared. There are three types of trains, which differ in speed--red, green, and blue. Every 30 seconds a new train appears, which makes managing the railroad switches slowly harder. There are two additional levels available as in-app purchases within the game--Haunted Woods and Spooky Valley, each available for $0.99.

Even though it's not too addictive or super challenging, Ghost Train for Mac may help you pass time. If you can survive the crushing boredom of the first minute of play, you will probably enjoy playing this game for some time.

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