Review: Practice playback skills with Disco XT Basic

Spin your favorite songs and organize your audio files using Disco XT Basic for Mac.

Disco XT Basic for Mac offers some fundamental tools for mixing audio, supports most popular audio formats, and easily integrates with iTunes. While slightly complicated to navigate, the program offers most of the features one would need for quick DJ use.

This download offers a basic edition of Disco XT, which is a professional audio playback and mixing application. The program installs quickly and contains a number of documents, including an extensive user manual. The easy-to-read tutorial is helpful considering how complex the program menu appears. After linking to iTunes to load songs and playlists, the menu takes up an entire window with an all-black background, which is slightly difficult to read. A large playlist tab allows the user to select the songs playing, and an additional tab displays information on one song or two playing side by side. The main interface contains too many buttons that are poorly labeled. There are no graphics to help users identify their functions and options, and holding the cursor over them also adds no additional information. Fortunately, the tutorial explains most of the features adequately, but help in the program, itself, would have been welcome. Disco XT Basic for Mac does offer all of the options one would expect, including the ability to change the playback characteristics, including speed and filtering. Overall, the application responded well and the sound output was good.

For social gatherings or learning disc jockey skills as a hobby, a capable music program is a must. Even though it features a slightly complicated interface, Disco XT Basic for Mac works well and would be a good solution for those looking for a basic DJ program with many options.

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