Review: ZC Video to iPod Converter allows you to take any video on the go

Create iPod-friendly videos from any clips you have on your computer.

ZC Video to iPod Converter solves the problem faced by anyone with non-standard video clips on their computer, converting them into iPod-friendly MP4 format. The tool works with most video formats, and with a few exceptions was quick and responsive in our testing. While there are some issues that can make it harder than necessary to get started, the resulting videos are what matter most and they are generally of very high quality.

After installation, which takes only a few moments, you can immediately load video files into ZC converter. There are numerous options including cropping to fit the iPod screen, start and stop time selection, and final video quality selections. These are all useful, but are not always clearly labeled, making it unnecessarily complicated to finalize all of your selections. Once the selection process is done, however, it is a fairly quick process to convert the video. For a 15-minute video clip, it took about four minutes for our machine to convert the clip to MP4 format, which we then loaded in iTunes and transferred to the iPod.

If you have a collection of old videos on your computer that you want to make iPod-friendly, ZC Video to iPod converter makes it possible with a relatively quick, effective conversion tool. It takes only a few moments to properly set up, creates quality videos that play back as intended, and while the interface can be frustrating, the resulting videos make up for it.

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