Review: ZC Video to iPhone Converter modernizes your video collection for mobile

Convert your video files for iPhone use, quickly and relatively easily.

ZC Video to iPhone Converter fills in for one of the larger missing features in iTunes, converting almost any video format into iPhone-ready MP4 for playback on your mobile device. While it is not perfect and there are some issues with the interface, ZC Video to iPhone Converter manages to do a decent and quick job of converting those files and ensuring they play back at high quality on your phone.

After installing ZC converter, you can immediately load a video from your hard drive for conversion. Choose a video and it will load with metadata for editing. You can choose the start and end times and crop the video to fit the playback size of your iPhone's screen. There are also quite a few options for the format and playback of the finished MP4 video. From video bit rate to overall quality and audio sampling, you can make changes to the video to ensure it plays back as you want. For a 15-minute video, it took about four minutes to convert in full, and a few more to transfer to the iPhone through iTunes.

From start to finish, ZC DVD to iPhone Converter was an effective, useful tool for video conversions. While there were some issues in the interface related to the labeling and unclear instructions, overall the process was fairly easy and worked as advertised, with a high-quality, decently-compressed video that played back properly on the iPhone we used in testing.

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