Review: ZC DVD to IPod Converter creates MP4 files for playback on your iPod

Transfer your non-copyrighted DVDs to iPod-friendly video formats on the fly.

ZC DVD to iPod converter is a fast, effective, and ultimately only slightly flawed piece of software that works effectively at transferring files from personal and non-copyrighted DVDs for playback on your iPod. The interface is dated and the options are not always labeled clearly, but the resulting videos work well on your iPod and are properly compressed to avoid eating up all of your storage.

Upon opening ZC DVD to iPod Converter, you can choose a DVD from your hard drive or DVD drive and load its contents onscreen. From there we were able to crop the movie to fit the iPod's screen, choose the start and end points, or specific various options for the playback of the final MP4 when it was done. The result was a fairly quick and intuitive process, though the menus take some time to navigate with everything onscreen at once and with few labels. Combined with a quick conversion speed and a quality final file output, the software works very well to create a video that looks good on your iPod.

You cannot copy copyrighted DVDs, but ZC DVD to iPod Converter works fine for converting old family movies and non-copyrighted movies you have at home.

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