Review: Reconciliation on Fire works with Excel to provide a good comparison tool

Compare and reconcile differences between Excel sheets and tabs with this macro.

Reconciliation provides a valuable tool to reconcile differences between data in different Excel sheets or tabs with the click of a button. Designed as a macro for Excel 2010, it will rapidly search and present discrepancies in large data sets in your spreadsheets, matching any two sets of cells.

This is not a traditional software tool so much as a macro for Excel, allowing you to compare large data sets. The act of doing so can be time consuming on its own, and this macro speeds it up many times over. Installation is not required. Simply open the macro and it will be integrated into Excel for immediate use. While it has limitations (it works much better with text-formatted reconciliation than number-formatted), it is quite fast, running through lists of 1,000, 2,000, and even 10,000 cells in our tests in comparable times. The size doesn't seem to impact the overall efficiency any more than that size spreadsheet would already tax your computer. There are few options and the process only has one button, but if you frequently compare data sets, then this is a very useful tool.

Reconciliation on Fire takes only a couple of minutes to download and start using and it provides immediate, easy comparison features for your Excel spreadsheets. If you are eager to take action and streamline how fast you perform reconciliation tasks, then this is a must.

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