Review: QR Photo to Video Converter creates clean videos from your photos

Generate videos from your photos that can be shared on your phone, tablet, or iPod.

QR Photo to Video Converter is an effective tool for transferring images into videos with slideshow settings--including various transition effects, soundtracks, and pan/zoom options. The result is a useful tool that takes some time to set up and start using due to a poorly-labeled interface, but ultimately creates decent videos for use online or on your mobile device.

The installation process is a little longer than we normally like, and the interface is not particularly intuitive, with numerous menus and tabs that make it unnecessarily complicated to perform some of the easier functions that the software supports; but once it was working, we found quite a few interesting tools to take digital photos from our computer and turn them into videos. From choosing photos to selecting transitions and finalizing a video for export, the entire process took about five minutes (once setup was finalized). The resulting videos could be used for a number of things, from iPods and iPhones to playback online.

While there is no specific use in mind for the videos that QR Photo to Video Converter creates, there are quite a few ways these videos can ultimately be used. While the interface and installation process is frustrating at times, you'll find the feature set more than ample to create videos that present your images in an attractive fashion. This, combined with the various export and encoding options, makes for a decent application that we feel could be a useful tool for many applications.

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