Review: QR Photo to iPhone MP4 Converter generates iPhone slideshow videos

Create slideshow videos with transitions and other features for your iPhone.

QR Photo to iPhone MP4 Converter will take your digital photos and create a video that can be played back on your iPhone or other MP4-capable portable device. The resulting videos are of a decent quality and size, though the process of creating them can be cumbersome due to a roughly-designed interface and not-always clearly-labeled options in the software.

When you first open QR converter, you can choose a selection of images for use in your video. These images can then be edited in a number of ways. From adding transitions between frames, to adding soundtracks, panning and zooming on any one video, and adding transitional special effects, you can create a fairly attractive final slideshow. The biggest obstacle you'll face when using QR Photo to iPhone MP4 Converter is not in the quality of the videos you create, but in the interface used to do it. With unclear labels, numerous tabs, and no clear instructions for creating your videos, there will be a bit of trial and error to get from concept to final video.

Even with this being the case, after spending some time sorting through options, we were able to create attractive videos that loaded directly into iTunes and looked great on the iPhone used in testing. With quite a few customized output settings to ensure the final video looked and played properly on the iPhone's screen, the software fulfilled its promise, albeit with some frustration along the way.

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