Review: Evernote Sticky Notes saves your stickies directly to Evernote

Back up your sticky notes to the cloud with Evernote-enabled backup.

Evernote Sticky Notes solves one of the bigger problems with Windows 7's sticky notes without draining too many resources from your desktop. The simple tray-bound software allows you to instantly save all of your sticky notes to the cloud in Evernote. The result is a native-feeling extension of the Evernote platform and a useful tool for anyone that uses sticky notes, regularly.

To be sure, this application is only useful for those that use Sticky Notes in Windows 7 on a regular basis. Additionally, you will need to log in to Evernote to verify your account and give the app access to your information. Once you do all of this, however, Evernote Sticky Notes can fully replace your native sticky notes. It opens and saves, automatically, the same as your existing app would, and it will automatically sync every few minutes; or you can click the manual sync button to ensure that it syncs before shutdown. Because it doesn't require Evernote to be open or even installed on your computer, it doesn't use a lot of memory, but it ensures your sticky notes are saved safely to the cloud.

Evernote Sticky Notes is a simple, easy-to-use tool that solves a big problem with sticky notes. Whether you're preparing for a reboot and need to be sure your notes are backed up or you are tired of losing sticky notes when you accidentally close them, this is a great tool to ensure they are always backed up and ready for use in the future.

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