Review: Wise Folder Hider Portable helps you protect important files and folders

Use Wise Folder Hider Portable to keep other users on your computer or network from viewing private information.

The small Wise Folder Hider Portable allows you to choose folders, entire USB drives, or individual folders to hide. This is an excellent little program if you need to keep information on your computer away from prying eyes.

This portable program allows you to hide information in two different ways. You can drag your folders or files and drop them into the program window. They will immediately show in the window with their full paths. You can also choose one of the buttons "Hide File," "Hide Folder," or "Hide USB Drive," and a search window will appear allowing you to search and choose exactly what you want to hide. Upon startup, you will be asked to set a password before you even enter the main program. Once you set your password, Wise Folder Hider Portable will allow you to hide folders, files, or external drives. The program lists the folders that are hidden from view and gives you a drop-down option to "Open," "Unhide," or "Set Password." You may be confused at that point because you have already given the program a password. But this is an option for a secondary password that further protects your privacy. Clicking the folder in the program will open the folder. It will show that it is "visible" at that point. Once you close the program, however, the visible folder automatically becomes invisible.

Wise Folder Hider Portable can be a very useful program. It is easy to navigate and use, has nicely-annotated help online, and is free. One word of caution--do not forget your password or you will not be able to see potentially important files.

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