Review: Wise Auto Shutdown Portable saves power by automating power functions

Command your computer to sleep, hibernate, log off, or power down at the time you deem best using Wise Auto Shutdown Portable.

Wise Auto Shutdown Portable allows the user to schedule the state of their computer at any time in the future. While it does add some functionality to the Windows operating system, the program's usefulness seems rather limited.

Packed in a zip folder, Wise Auto Shutdown Portable downloads quickly. You won't need to undergo the installation process since this is a portable program. The program will allow you to schedule all of the power options such as shut down, restart, log off, hibernate, power off, and--for Vista or Windows 8 users--sleep. You can schedule a specific date and time using the integrated calendar function; you can schedule a time from the present, in hours and minutes; or you can schedule the function you choose to reoccur on a daily basis. The program will remind you five minutes before it executes the power function, if you check that option. It does not allow for variably-timed warnings--you are only offered the five-minute warning. In addition, it does not allow you to choose multiple options and dates. If you need your computer to shut down instead of hibernate, for example, you must change the setting, manually, each time. Additionally, there is no help available, either within the program or on the company's Web site, so you are on your own. But then again, this is a free program.

Wise Auto Shutdown Portable is suitable for all levels of users. It downloads easily and is very intuitive. In fact there is no learning curve. This program does exactly what it is supposed to do and no more. While this is a nice idea, a little more creative functionality might make this program more attractive to potential users.

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