Review: True Time Tracker monitors computer usage and analyzes efficiency

Keep track of your productivity by monitoring yourself with True Time Tracker.

Once started, the True Time Tracker can keep track of any Web sites you have visited, which applications you used, and how much time you spent on each activity. It also keeps track of what it perceives as "inactive" time. It can keep track of specific projects you are working on, or on your computer activity in general. It can also take snapshots at regular intervals of your screen, allowing whoever is monitoring you to view your entire day via time-elapsed shots.

True Time Tracker continually calculates various statistics such as the percentage of time you have spent on all of these items. One of the scary features of this program seems to be the "hidden" feature. This allows the program to run on your computer without being noticed or seen. You can understand how this can be used by an employer to essentially "spy" on their employees in order to keep a record of how they use their time. Unfortunately, this potentially very useful program has several fatal bugs that make it virtually unusable. The program constantly shows runtime errors of varying sorts. Once it closes from a runtime error, it is impossible to get it running again until you reboot the entire computer. Clicking on the statistics button while the program is monitoring is enough to crash the program. When you bring the program back up again, it appears in the system tray, but you cannot bring up any of the statistics without crashing it.

Unfortunately, until True Time Tracker fixes its major flaws, we can't recommend it for any user. There is potential, but this app needs more work.

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