Review: SlimBoat Web Browser Portable offers easy, secure, and ad-free surfing

Take your browser wherever you go, browse the Web securely, share pages on popular social networks, download YouTube videos, and more.

SlimBoat Web Browser Portable offers a familiar, multi-tabbed Web browser experience for easy Web surfing from any location. While a little too slim on design compared to other popular Web browsers, it offers some neat additional features and performs well.

At a little over four megabytes, this one makes other portable browsers look hefty in comparison. To give you that lean look, SlimBoat Web Browser Portable forgoes some features you'd find on other browsers. There's no support for third-party extensions like you'll find in Opera or Firefox. There is a built-in ad blocker and speed dial, though. This browser loads sites just as quickly as other similar browsers do and it lets you organize them in groups. On startup, the app lets you import your bookmarks from other browsers, but it also gives you some random bookmarks right out of the gates. These are for useful sites like Amazon and eBay so you probably won't mind them. Additionally, the browser also offers social media integration. From the Tools menu you can directly share any page to social networks such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon, as well as via e-mail and popular blogging sites. You are also able to access Facebook so you can share your status, current page, or selected text to this social network right from the browser. Another neat feature is the ability to download YouTube videos with a click of a button. All you need to do is simply play the desired video on YouTube and then click the Download Video button, which the app conveniently placed next to the YouTube's Upload button. The app lets you then choose from the list of available formats and starts the download process.

SlimBoat Web Browser Portable comes very close to being a really awesome portable browser. It's great for surfing, has nice options, and is stable. However, it still needs more work to be able to take down Opera and Firefox in the portable game.

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