Review: PCmover Free moves files, programs, etc. to a new computer

Migrate files, programs, and settings from an old computer to a new one, automatically, using PCmover Free.

PCmover Free helps you migrate your files and settings from a logged-on user on one computer to a logged-on user on another, but it does it incredibly slowly.

The program seems to make every part of the setup process as painful as possible. PCmover Free is a huge download at 85MB and comes packed with plenty of toolbars you have to dodge. Even once you've finished installing, you still can't get right to the program's goodies. You have to enter an e-mail address and decline more programs that PCmover Free wants you to download. Once you've completed all of that, the program takes care of everything, itself, but requires some babysitting. Its wizard-like interface is easy to navigate and intuitive but the program takes longer than expected to transfer your files. In order to start the transfer you have to download the program on the second computer, too, and thereby go through the nasty install process all over again. The Windows version on the computer you are transferring to needs to be the same or newer than the version on the old computer. Additionally, if you wish to transfer more than three applications, you will need to upgrade to the paid version of this software.

PCmover Free offers a great idea, but its execution could be improved. With the lengthily installation process and slow performance, it might seem easier to drag and drop files from a USB drive than to use this program. However, if you really, really loathe the idea of setting up a new computer, yourself, this program might help you.

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