Review: Moo0 Audio Converter easily converts your audio files to a new format

Drag and drop files for an easy and fast conversion, offered by one of the smoothest and fastest converters around.

Packed in a polished, professional-looking package, Moo0 Audio Converter gives you fast conversions, but doesn't sacrifice any of your original file's audio quality. It is light and powerful enough to remain the only conversion software you'll ever need.

Size-wise, this download is about middle of the road at almost 9MB. It installs and unpacks very quickly, though. Once you open it, you're greeted by a very clean menu. You can drag and drop your files, or search them out through the traditional process. Once you load a file or files, Moo0 Audio Converter goes to work transferring them into a new format. If the "convert to" box says the same file type as the existing file, it will cause an error. This caused a little bit of confusion during testing, so a "Go" or "Convert" button would be a decent add-on. Converting only takes a few seconds and the final product sounds great. Every audio file that went through the program during testing came out sounding just as good. If you want to correct the levels or frequency of a track, you can through the program's advanced menus. Thankfully, the program doesn't make you set these automatically to get through the conversion. The features are still there for power users who want them, though.

Good enough for audiophiles and regular users alike, Moo0 Audio Converter stands tall as one of the best free audio converters one can find for Windows. It offers excellent audio conversion without any price tag and is a great download no matter what your reason for converting audio files.

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