Review: LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control keeps bad USBs off your computer

Lock USBs and other attached devices out of your computer with LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control.

LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control successfully minimizes the chance of confidential data breach by locking out USB drives. The application quietly runs in the background and will disable any USB storage device when attached to your computer unless the device is on the application's white list.

Though the download checks in at about 2MB, setting it up may take a while. Upon startup, the program prompts you to make an account and sign in, but you don't have to if you're just looking to use the app on a local computer. LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control works automatically with any branded USBs, but you'll have to pay if you want to add USB gadgets to your white list or black list. It costs $20 to buy it a la carte. The free version of the program includes a default white list of six LOK-IT Secure Flash Drives. If you want to change any of the program's settings, you need to log in, too. Once you do, you can export your lists to put them on other computers, but not much else. The application will keep blacklisted gadgets out without any problems.

If you already use LOK-IT USB gadgets, then you won't be disappointed with LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control, either. This application is a fine, free download to keep things safe, and can be a boon for IT managers. However, to make it completely useful, you should perhaps consider purchasing the full version.

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