Review: Create, burn, and back up ISO files with ISO Workshop

Manage ISO files efficiently on your PC with a quick and easy-to-use ISO Workshop.

ISO Workshop features a great menu, plenty of useful features, and powerful performance. It's not as fast as some other ISO managers, but it makes up for that with incredibly easy operation. It's a wonderful program for newbies, but still offers just enough useful features for users with experience.

When you're downloading this program, it offers to install the AVG Toolbar for you. You can opt-out of it if you don't want it. The program installs quickly despite not being the tiniest download in the world. Once you open it, you'll feel right at home in ISO Workshop's very welcoming layout. All of its features have been boiled down to basic, one-click commands. You can create, burn, extract, and even back up ISO files without paging through multiple menus or operations. Sadly, burning and extracting files takes a little longer than with most competing programs. There are no advanced settings to tinker with if you like to custom-build your downloads, either. In fact, going to the file menu of this program just gives you the same menu without the neat graphics.

This program works well enough without tinkering, and that's a decent excuse for not having a lot of advanced options. If you don't need to modify every part of your download, this is the right program for you. ISO Workshop is straightforward, effective, and a real pleasure to use.

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